Coatings For Steel Strapping Systems

Since 1964, Williams Hayward has been the primary supplier to the leading provider of steel strapping systems in the world. This strapping must withstand travel by air, rail, road and sea in all types of weather, for all types of transport demands.  WHPC steel strap coatings are environmentally friendly, water based applications that have proven their durability and dependability for over 50 years.  Our high quality, corrosion resistant coatings used to protect steel strapping are:

  1. Safe-T-Coat; High speed (1,000 ft. /min), IR cure Acrylic Latex Copolymer System
  2. Aqualust; Standard speed (200-300ft./min), Gas cure Acrylic Bake enamel System
  3. Aquadust; Zinc Rich Epoxy Copolymer System
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