Coatings For Steel Strapping Systems:

Since 1964 WHPC has been the primary supplier to the leading provider of steel strapping systems since 1913, they maintain an aggressive approach to the design and development of protective packaging systems for products that travel by air, rail, road and sea. At the heart of each of these systems is their Magnus® and Apex Plus™ steel strapping. Each is specially formulated to meet the demands of a particular range of applications. To ensure the best performance of these strapping materials, they have also designed a full line of application equipment and accessories, including seals, hand tools, power strapping machines and dispensers. The corrosion resistant environmentally friendly, water based, WHPC coatings systems used to protect their steel strapping for their customers are:

  1. Safe-T-Coat; High speed (1,000 ft. /min), IR cure Acrylic Latex Copolymer System
  2. Aqualust; Standard speed (200-300ft./min), Gas cure Acrylic Bake enamel System
  3. Aquadust; Zinc Rich Epoxy Copolymer System
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